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Getting started

Welcome to the MTRIBES developer hub!

This document contains everything you'll need to know about integrating MTRIBES into your apps. Ready? Let's go.


If you're new to MTRIBES and haven't modeled your Space, check out our short modeling guide.

SDK guides#

First complete these two steps. This initial setup is common across all SDKs.

  1. Install the CLI
  2. Connect to your MTRIBES Space

Next, follow the specific documentation for your platform to complete the integration.

Browser sdk icon


Android sdk icon


iOS sdk icon


Roku sdk icon


We're working hard on expanding our platform support, so stay tuned for updates.

CLI installation#

This is the first step. We've purpose-built a command-line-interface (CLI) to automate most of the process, and help integrate your MTRIBES Space quickly and accurately.

CLI install#

Install via Homebrew

brew install mtribes/tap/mtribes

CLI upgrade#

Upgrade the CLI at anytime via Homebrew

brew upgrade mtribes

Space integration#

This is the second step. Let's get you connected with the MTRIBES Space you want to target before diving into the code.

Space setup#

With the CLI installed, you can now set up your Space integration by running the following command in the root folder of your project.

mtribes setup

The first time you run setup, you'll be redirected to the MTRIBES sign-in page to authenticate with your credentials.

Once authenticated, follow the remaining prompts to configure your connection.

  1. Select the MTRIBES organization and Space to integrate with
  2. Choose a target language if the default is incorrect
  3. Decide where code should be output to, if the default location is incorrect

The CLI will now generate Space specific integration code for you to use.

An mtribes.yaml file containing your saved preferences will be written to the root of your project .

Both mtribes.yaml and the generated code should be committed to source control.


Where possible, the CLI will automatically add a dependency to our core SDK library, which the generated code will leverage.

Space update#

As updates are made to Collection, Experience and Section templates in your MTRIBES Space, you'll need to synchronize these changes with your codebase so you can integrate them.

You can regenerate code at any point, so that it reflects the latest state of your Space via the CLI's update command.

mtribes update