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When developing software, it's common to have multiple deployment environments. These are used to harden features as they're rolled out to customers in production.

We've introduced the concept of Environments so you can align your MTRIBES integration with your existing development process. All existing and new Spaces now support Development, Staging and Production environments.

Shared entities#

The following entities are shared across environments.

  • Tribes (However, audience data remains unique. See users and visitors)
  • Collections
  • Sections (However, experiences within a section and their scenarios are unique to each environment)
  • Experiences (However, Scenarios remain unique. See Scenarios)

Unique entities#

The following entities are unique to each environment.

  • Scenarios - Scenarios (including on/off state) are unique to each Environment, giving Schedulers precise rollout of Experiences.
  • Users and visitors - Upon starting a session via the MTRIBES SDK, users and visitors become unique to the Environment that SDK was configured for.
  • Analytics - Data collected from an SDK is unique to the configured Environment.

Configuring SDKs#

When integrating an environment with our MTRIBES SDK, you must supply an API key unique to that particular environment.

You can find the API key for each environment under the Settings page of your Space.

See our platform-specific documentation to understand how to configure your SDK to a particular environment.