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· 2 min read
Mike Stead

We've been working hard on improving our developer CLI.

These changes are being released today, and we recommend you upgrade to take advantage of them.

OAuth sign-in#

Previously, when generating Space integration code via the CLI, you were required to enter an admin-level organization secret key.

Now, with this latest update, security is coordinated via OAuth 2. This removes the need for a shared secret, and allows you (developers) to generate code against any Space you have access to, across your organizations.

What to expect#

After upgrading, when you next run mtribes setup or mtribes update, you’ll be redirected to the MTRIBES sign-in page to authenticate. Once complete, the code generation process will be similar to before.


We'll be removing the old organization shared secret key in the coming weeks. Once removed you'll be required to upgrade the CLI to continue to generate code.

Server-side code generation#

When generating Space integration code, we populate a set of predefined templates specific to your target language. These templates were previously bundled with the CLI. While this was convenient, it also introduced some drawbacks:

  • The need to upgrade the CLI to get the latest template improvements.
  • The potential for inconsistent templates between developers using different CLI versions.

Going forward, all code generation will be done server-side, removing these issues.

What to expect#

There shouldn't be any change to code generation. These updates have been made entirely behind the scenes.

We’re continually looking for ways to improve our platform so keep an eye out for further updates.